The 5 K’s of how I was terrorized.


My use of the letter “K” and “K’s” is meant to illustrate the connection between mind-control and what Sikhs use to signify as five religious symbols.

Those “symbols” start with the letter “k” in punjabi: Kesh (hair), Kirpan (small or large sword), Kara (steel bangle),  Kacha (shorts), and Kangha (small wooden comb).

In many incidents of Sikh violence, only one or perhaps two symbols are used. Those are namely, the Kirpan and a heavyweight 5 LB Kara. Some kids in school have been found wearing the heavier karas.  I heard of incidents where a kid wore a 5 LB Kara and used it when fighting with another kid. Perhaps, I am being just too naive here. There is a first time for everyone. This was the first time I was assaulted in a gurdwara. If you recall what happened in Vancouver, the fights over the debate of whether to eat langar while sitting on the floor or sitting on tables, led to the use of an assortment of weapons.

First “K”

I had a long beard but didn’t have a turban. But my head was covered throughout the ordeal. Having my head covered did not protect me from the verbal and physical assaults.

Second “K”

I sat in a chair whilst my terrorizers moved freely in the room. One at a time, two men (excluding Avtar Singh Brar who sat on my left side) stood in front and towered over me. The man who sat on my right side had me ‘boxed’ in. I felt there was no avenue for me to escape from the room.

Third “K”

The two teenagers watched what I went through. I could see the look of terror on their faces. God only knows what happened to them when they got home. I never asked their names. If they or anyone of their friends read this website, I encourage them to speak up. Towards the end of this assault, a teenaged girl dressed in white kurta pajama came into the room and sat about two chairs from the two male teenagers and closest to the entrance doors. But she never said a word. I do not know her, nor her name and had no previous conversation with her. Since she also witnessed what happened, I encourage her to contact me.

Fourth “K”

Every attempt I made to reason with my terrorizers, only made them more angry.

Fifth “K”

My terrorizers made it clear to me that I would be “taken care of” and God only knows what they would have done if those teenagers were not in the room, witnessing what happened.

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