De-programming from cult-like behaviour of Sikhs


De-programming from cult-like behaviour of Sikhs.

De-programming from cult-like behaviour of Sikhs.

Think about the following questions:

When did God order that people could declare themselves to be so special that they could only go by the label-branded product of long-hair?

If you find the answer, then try explaining why God only chose the Sikh people and not all the others in her whole creation, that do not keep long-hair?

When did God declare that a special and select group of people, could only consider a particular book and no other book, to be their living teacher?

If you find an answer, then think about the children of today who go to school. The school curriculum requires them to study several subjects and there are teachers for each one. If they used only one textbook or studied with only one teacher, what do you suppose would happen to them?

When did God declare that the Holy Bible, Qur’an, Guru Granth Sahib, Bhagavad-Gita, Torah, or so many other “holy” books, could replace anyone who walks on the Earth and can teach?

If you find the answer, then try explaining what kind of a position God would be in should a man or woman teach the same logic as was taught by Guru Nanak,  St. Hildegard of Bingen, or perhaps, another realized man like Jesus Christ?

When did God declare that the people who exist today, need to rely upon fossilized knowledge, wisdom or the common-sense revealed by teachers of several hundred to several thousands of years ago?

If you find an answer, then ask yourself this question: Since a great majority of people on this planet use Bill Gates “Microsoft Windows Operating System“ (currently, it’s Windows 7), how would they feel if this operating system never evolved and got stuck at Version 3.0?

When did God decide that a cult-like behaviour whether this is manifested by the people who go by their name-branded product labels such as “Sikhism” or “Christianity” or “Hinduism” or “Islam” or “Judaism” or by any product name, was acceptable?

If you find any answers, then ask yourself this question: Is God a ring-leader of a vast gangster-like empire that enjoys observing all of the cult-like behaviour that people attribute to her?

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