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1. De-programming from cult-like behaviour of Sikhs.

2. Is it right or wrong – how do you know?

3. The five purposes of a universal Kirpan or Sword.

4. Unmasking Sikh deceptions… Custom-manufactured deceptions used in Sikh mind-control.

5. The issue of Guru Granth Sahib: a book guru vs. a living guru.

6.Who is the ‘guru’ for Sikhs?

7. Claims of ‘guru’ enrage Sikhs.

8. Violence: The ‘new’ book guru of Sikhs.

9. The 5 K’s of how I was terrorized.

10. Prelude to what happened.

11. Details of the assaults.

12. Suicide of Sikh children. Why do Sikh children commit suicide when they cannot cut their hair? What would compel them to do this? By Pritam Singh. Originally published online at December 1997; revised March 2005; August 2010. [PDF]

12. A conversation about Sikh Identity between a child and his parents.

Toronto Life Magazine, July 1982: “Strangers in a strange land – Distinctive, distinguished and divided to the point of bloodshed, Toronto’s Sikhs are charting their march to the edge of the Canadian mainstream” by Philip Marchand, pages 48-49, 65-67. All rights reserved on my portrait on page 49 and my comments. [PDF]

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