Reply to Jangdeep at Basics of Sikhi youtube channel.


Your reply to my post is typical of the people who are mind-controlled and members of a cult. I used to be one too but this was when I was an Amritdhari. There are all kinds of cults. If you go to the website of Rick Alan Ross –, you will find many examples. In particular, he has many articles relating to the 3HO, Yogi Bhajan and Sikhism. Just use these search terms.

Whereas my post is a critique of what Jagraj has said and is based upon using good logic and reasoning, your reply provides none.

In what you wrote, there are many examples that provide the evidence of your cult-like thinking and bad logic and reasoning.

For example, as you say “the hate that you have for a religion, here Sikhism” is merely what you perceive as the result of your  delusional and cult-like thinking. Thus, you see hatred in what I’ve said with regard to my critique of what Jagraj has said but in actual fact, there is none to be found. And nor will you find any hatred at my blog, too.

Then, when you say “Going to a living guru who is in a human form is not in Sikhism, unless you’re a Radhaswami or Naamdhari or from some other sects.” you obviously have missed the boat.

When Baba Nanak was alive, he was a human guru wasn’t he? Just try imagining applying what you said, to him. Try visualizing just for a moment, if the people of Nanak’s time were to reject him because they already had books and books of religious writings (which they did) and considered all of those to be a living guru!

I used to believe that the Guru Granth Sahib is a living guru. You can read more about this at my website. Now add to this the notion that they are not allowed to, as I will paraphrase using your words “Going to a living guru who is in a human form is not” allowed in Hinduism.

If people of Nanak’s time had been programmed to never go to a human guru (teacher), and this was a part of their religion, then imagine just how much mileage Guru Nanak would have obtained.

I suggest that you and others who don’t know they’ve been mind-controlled, read “Custom-manufactured deceptions used in Sikh mind-control.” It is never too late to awaken from a being a prisoner of mind-control.

I will also post this on my blog and to the Basics of Sikhi channel.

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