My response to “Sikhism Exposed” – “Sikhism is a mind-controlling DISEASE.”

Recently, I came upon the YouTube channel “Sikhism Exposed” and other related sites. While reading many topics that initially seemed to be quite controversial, I sensed an energy of anger and even thoughts of “We want to kill him.” I searched the net for the term “How to argue with an atheist” and found a couple of useful sites. Then, I visited my local library and obtained “God is not great. How religion poisons everything.”

On the channel “Sikhism is a mind controlling DISEASE” I decided to explore in more detail the actual YouTube video of Jagraj speaking. It is Guru Granth Sahib ji is Gods Word – Response to “Dawah Man questions Basics of Sikhi”

At the 39:24 time mark, Jagraj says:

“In Guru Granth Sahib ji, you cannot find chapters upon certain topics. If you go to the Koran Sharif, if you go to other texts, you’ll be able to find the chapter that talks about certain thing or certain thing. You cannot find that in Guru Granth Sahib ji. It’s everything everywhere. Yeah, at all times. You might say why is that? Sadh sangat ji because it’s the guru. A sikh has to learn from the guru not the Sikh chooses what to learn from the guru. If you are somebody who goes to the Bible or Koran, you can choose what chapter to read and that’s it. You get the gyan that you wanted. You get the gyan that you wanted. You don’t get to choose, the guru doesn’t get to choose what to teach you, you’re  choosing what to learn from the guru. But in Guru Granth Sahib ji maharaj, you don’t get to choose what to learn, you get to listen to what guru sahib wants you to learn. They’re in control all the time. [In Punjabi: This is a very bareek (subtle) thing to understand.] Maharaj is in control of our learning. We are not in control of our learning. How can we choose what to learn from the guru, guru sahib is Devan dev, raajan raj, etc.? They are so amazing, (bhana na bhan) they are the one in charge. They are the one in charge. That’s why Bani, doesn’t let you choose what to learn. Bani tells you what it would teach you because Bani Guru, Guru hea bani. It’s in charge.”

This is my response.

On the subject of learning, Jagraj has undermined the very principles that all learning is based upon. In his quest to promote so-called “Sikhi”, he does not seem to be aware of the mind-control that he, himself has been subjected to and is passing on to others on his channel. When I examine the logic behind what he is saying, I am forced to agree with Sikhism Exposed but I wouldn’t call it a “disease.” It is something much worse.

I have a lived experience from growing up in the Sikh community. This includes being an Amritdhari, maintaining a newspaper clipping file of Sikh articles from 1960 to 1986, audio recordings of political speeches given by various Sikh leaders who came to Toronto, hundreds of hours of audio recordings of Sant Singh Maskeen as well as various sants and raagi jathas; working with Dr. Jarnail Singh of The Sikh Social and Educational Society, and working as an Editor of the Sikh News and Views, the society’s quarterly newsletter during the year he suffered a heart attack (I have 25 years of issues), articles that I wrote for the newsletter, photograph album and VHS video covering the TV news reporting of the massacre of Sikhs in 1984;  have worn the turban for over 28 years and have obtained the first legal precedent on the wearing of the kirpan in the history of Canada.

A teacher can teach a student. This teaching is based upon a curriculum. A student usually knows what kind of subjects or topics are included in that curriculum. Teachers usually attend Teacher’s College and receive the requisite training. Before they actually start teaching in schools or if they are university professors, there is a process they must go through and become credentialed. This is the arrangement that everyone is familiar with.

Jagraj says “…you don’t get to choose what to learn, you get to listen to what guru (teacher) sahib wants you to learn.” I say, how would one know what guru sahib wants you to learn? Just to give guru sahib benefit of the doubt, if he knows what he wants you to learn, then how does he communicate this with his student (sikh)?

If the guru were alive, like the teachers or professors we have in schools and universities, then the communication would be a two-way street. But the truth is that the Sikh (individual) cannot receive direction from a source (or other reference material) that is laden with cobwebs from the dusts of time.

The gurus died a long time ago. What they wrote is in the form of a book and Jagraj should have known better than to go backwards in time, trying to resuscitate that which has been dead for a long time.

The direction he offers is based upon an illusion of a centuries-old so-called “Sikhi” that was a product for that time period.

The book guru is merely a book and like all books, it requires some training in how to read it. There was a time when I couldn’t read or speak Punjabi and it was when there was no Internet. Though I would attend gurdwara with my father, I never could understand anything. In that time period, guru sahib didn’t jump out from anywhere and teach me. These days, one can do searches on the net at and many other sites. But again, it requires effort from an individual that has the motivation to do so.

Now continuing with my critique of what he says, when you do the listening, you still have an element of choice. You can tell the teacher that you didn’t understand what he wanted you to learn. Then, the teacher would have to respond. On the other hand, the teacher can tell if you didn’t understand what he wanted you to learn. That’s how teachers who are alive in a human body, work. There is no exception for any guru (teacher).

The conundrum is that Sikhs regard their scripture as a “Guru” and are commanded that they are not to go to any human living guru. This is absolute mind-control. When they go to a gurdwara, they pay obeisance to it by bowing their heads and placing coins into a money box.

There was time in my development when I use to tell people, “It is a living guru whereas the other world’s scriptures are not.” I felt that our holy book was superior to that of other faiths. My mind used to be conditioned and brainwashed. I am not that ignorant anymore.

The only saving grace that I offer is that which is based upon the term “bibek daan.” In the ardas (congregational prayer) of the Sikhs, they ask the Creator for some boons. Out of the whole lot, they say that “Naam daan” is the one to top it off. It is considered the supreme gift or boon. My contention is that bibek daan is the most significant one. I’ll give an example of what I mean.

How would one know whether or not any of the daans (boons) that are being asked for, need to be included? One would know this by relying upon bibek daan: To be able to distinguish between good or bad information. It is one’s ability to discriminate or discern the difference between two kinds of information.

One’s ability to discern is akin to using good logic. If one cannot do this, then whatever (bad) information one relies upon can lead to the wrong conclusion.

If one does not know whether the information one has used is good or bad, then the result will show this. I contend that this part of the ardas is using logic that makes the daana sir daan naam daan invalid. The way I look at it, it should be daana sir daan bibek daan. Why? Because if you don’t have bibek daan to begin with, then you will have no way to validate the conclusion. In this case, the conclusion of naam daan defeats the logic validated upon the principle of bibek daan. It should be daana sir daan bibek daan. And in that bibek daan, I would include the reading and study of Christopher Hitchens book. I might also add a quote from the book, “Heretic. Why Islam needs a reformation Now” by Ayaan Hirsi Ali. “Al-ansari has called for a fundamental overhaul of educational systems in the Islamic world to encourage critical thinking. He has called for Arab freethinkers to be able to sue inflammatory Islamic preachers for harm that befalls them as a result of their sermons. 28.” Page 247.

From my site, I paraphrase that “In India, all learning whether spiritual or in the various sciences, has always been backed by a long-standing tradition. This is known as the Guru-Shishya tradition.”

But Jagraj wants you to ignore the norm of school and university teachers and professors and the Guru-Shishya tradition. He wants you to leave the real world that we all live in. He wants you to jump into his cult-like domain that is an illusion based upon his erroneous understanding of the so-called “Sikhi” that he finds himself locked in. In that domain, he is advocating total and absolute mind-control. His logic and reasoning is suspect. Since he has passed on, I urge his followers to take heed. I will also post this on my site and to the Basics of Sikhi channel.

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