My comments at “Sikhism Exposed” youtube channel.

Today, I replied to some posts at the youtube channel “Sikhism Exposed” under the topic “Sikhism is a mind controlling DISEASE“.

John Smith
3 weeks ago
How does a ‘Sikh’ teen lying about an attack link to Sikhi converting children and brainwashing them? I accept the fact that many parents do this, I know a few myself, but that in itself does not follow Sikhi. Moreover, Prabhjot Kaur provided a relevant verse that refutes the arguement that Sikhs should (not don’t) not convert those who are unwilling. Guru Nanak’s own children did not accept Sikhi but he accepted that fact and moved on. He never tried to convert them or pester them. From these 2 pieces of evidence, the verse and an event in history, we can conclude that converting those who are unwilling to convert to Sikhi, which include children, are not allowed as per Sikh teaching.

My reply:
Pritam Singh 19 minutes ago
In response to your question, please read the entire blog and particularly “Why do Sikh children commit suicide when they cannot cut their hair? What would compel them to do this?”

Sikhism Exposed 3 weeks ago (edited)
Yes the question you have to ask is why did the Sikh teen lie about getting attacked and getting his hair cut? Was it because he did not want long hair which was most likely forced upon him by his Sikh Parents? The answer most likely is yes… sikhism was forced upon him from a very very young age by his parents and he was desperately trying to free himself from the cult of sikhism and the only option he had was to stage an attack…… thinking… his parents will allow him to get a haircut due to harassment etc.. which will eventually free him from the 5Ks and become a free man.

My reply:
Pritam Singh 18 minutes ago
Many Sikh teenagers create all kinds of drama for wanting to cut their hair. In addition to my blog, read the discussions on the topix forum, hair cut stories of sikh boys and girls.

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